Meeting Minutes – February 2017

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President Harvey Nordyke called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


The following homeowners were present: Harvey Nordyke, Hellen Wilson, Larry Wilson, Larry Swanson, Clara Stark, Bev Fosmark, Betsy Pineda, Barbara Solberg, Bill Burrows, Loren Shirley, Chad Adams, Debbie Christmas, and Dave Baxter.

A quorum was present so the Association could do business.


Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved

Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report was presented.   The total expenditures for the month were $11,348.56. Last year’s maintenance fees of $11,000 were paid to the Club House.   It was moved and seconded that an old inactive account from Union Bank be closed. The motion passed unanimously. The total income for the month was $350 from dues and a payment of $7,380.87 was received for a lien payoff. The operating fund’s present total is $44,192.76 and the Reserve Fund’s total is $370,597.04.

CC&Rs Committee Report:

Catherine Sherman resigned as chairperson of the CC&R Committee. Betsy Pineda and Chad Adams were invited to consider replacing Catherine’s leadership. Harvey Nordyck described the duties of the ACC Committee. He moved, and Hellen Wilson seconded it, that Betsy Pineda become the Chair. The motion included inviting Chad Adams to be the “alternate member of the four person ACC Committee. The motion was unanimously passed. The other two members of the ACC Committee are Bob Fosmark and Harvey Nordyck

HOA Business:

  1. HOA Board discussed the possibility of financing the removal of a huge tree located on High Cedar’s property (across the street from President Harvey Nordyck’s home). Dave Baxter suggested that there was little evidence that it was a serious problem and that the HOA should leave it as is for now.
  2. PC-Net Coordinators Barbara Solberg, Betsy Pineda and Hellen Wilson reminded the HOA Board that both the Orting Fire Department and the Pierce County’s Emergency Management Department are working with a dozen High Cedars and Augusta homeowners to develop an emergency management program for High Cedars and Augusta families. This program would provide skills to care for one another in case of such an emergency. The coordinators of the PC-NET will be visiting with all homeowners to share developmental materials prepared by Pierce County’s Emergency Management Department.
  3. The Board received a lengthy memo from twenty High Cedars’ homeowners living on the Executive Course regarding golf course management. This group asked the HOA to present their concerns to Club House Management. President Harvey agreed to do so. The contents of this memo were discussed by the Board.

The next meeting for the Village Board will be at the President Harvey Nordyke’s Home on Wednesday March 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Hellen Wilson, Village Secretary



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