June 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

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The Village of High Cedars HOA Minutes for June 14, 2017

President Harvey Nordyke called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. A quorum was present.

Attendees: Harvey Nordyke, John Cannady, Moe McDill, Clara Stark, Dave Baxter, Larry Swanson, Bev Fosmark, Betsy Pineda, Gary Bosshart, Georgie Cannady, Kurt Ostlund, Dan Manasco, Brad Wood, Victoria Thoren, Barbara Solberg

Minutes: Approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Clara Stark presented the report. The balance in the Operating fund after deposit of dues is $70,807.34 and the Reserve fund balance is $371,532.75 for a total of $442,340.09. After extensive research of CD interest rates, it was decided by the board to stay with Key Bank, add $10,000 to the existing amount of $81,886.99 and roll it over into a 14-month CD paying 1.50% interest. The Treasurer’s report was filed for audit. Dan Manasco advised that 50% of dues should be added to the Reserve fund annually and this fund is to be used for all road maintenance.

President’s Report:

Currently, there is a vacancy on the board for a Pinehurst representative. This is a one-year term and you must be a Pinehurst resident to apply. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact Harvey Nordyke at 893-4346.

  1. John Benedetti agreed to allow our landscape company to maintain the center island at the entrance. It will be an additional $15/month to maintain.
  2. Gary Bosshart asked that the HOA talk to John B. about adding more water to the small pond on #5 Executive course.
  3. Discussion was held regarding the change in location of the tee box on #5. Complaints have been received by the board about the change and several affected residents were in attendance. It was moved, seconded and approved that Harvey would talk to John B. and see if the tee box can be moved back to its original location. Also, we would reimburse the clubhouse for any costs incurred for signage.
  4. The annual General Meeting will be held at the clubhouse on July 23 at 4:30 pm. The Mayor of Orting has asked to be on the agenda for a Q&A session. Details of the meeting, agenda and proposed budget will be mailed out to residents after July 6.

Committee Reports:

ACC: Betsy Pineda reported that six homes received approval for repainting and landscape changes.

CC&R: Dave Baxter stated he has received no complaints.

Maintenance: John Cannady

  1.  The bulletin board has been added to the new mailboxes. Additions to the board will be forthcoming.
  2.  The Spyglass planting area will be cleaned up, barked and flowers planted the weekend of June 17.
  3. John Cannady presented the SealTech bid to the board and stressed the urgency of doing repairs before another wet winter sets in. The motion for asphalt removal/replacement and crack repair to be done this fall at a cost of $24,467 and then Sealcoat to be applied in the spring of 2018 at a cost of $47,025 was passed unanimously.

Welcome: Bev Fosmark reported that three more homes have sold and homeowners have moved in to two of the homes. Please welcome your new neighbors.

HC/PC-NET: Victoria Thoren reported that the committee is in the process of passing out packages with information to help homeowners be prepared in an emergency. Information will also be available on the new web site. A representative from Pierce County Emergency Management will be at the General meeting to answer any questions you may have regarding the program and your personal safety.

Old Business:

  1. Larry Swanson and Betsy Pineda reported on their review of our Quick Reference Rules and the ACC Guidelines and Procedures. Due to the late hour, it was decided to table discussion on the Quick Reference Rules until the next meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve the ACC Guideline changes – unanimously approved.
  2. John Cannady and Moe McDill are in the process of learning how to manage the new web site. Roll out is still scheduled for July 23.

New Business:

  1. Larry Swanson asked for permission in the interest of safety to go ahead and purchase a solar light from Costco to install at the new mailbox location.   A motion was made and seconded to allow $50 for this purchase and installation – unanimously approved.
  2. Newer residents of La Quinta have expressed concern to the HOA board regarding the maintenance of the perimeter wall on Hwy 162. The wall is the property of the golf course and they are responsible for its maintenance. Homeowners living along the wall have permission from Bryan Stowe (previous owner) to maintain the inside area of the wall to their satisfaction.

Community Notes:

  1. The Community Sale will be on Saturday, June 24 starting at 9:00 am.
  2. The Car Show will be on July 20 from 1-5 pm in the golf course parking lot.
  3. Annual HOA Meeting, July 23 at 4:30 pm at the clubhouse.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.

The next Village Board meeting will be on Wednesday July 13 at 7:00 pm at the home of President Harvey Nordyke (15520 – 148th Ave Court E). All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Moe McDill, Secretary

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